Having a Fire

Whangarei/Kaipara Rural Fire Authorities

All private land within the Whangarei and Kaipara District Council area is under the jurisdiction of these fire authorities with any land administered by the Department of Conservation managed by them as the Rural Fire Authority for that land.

Whangarei and Kaipara Councils have appointed Forest Protection Services to carry out Rural Fire Management on their behalf and handle all public enquiries and permit applications.

Our vision is to reduce the occurrence and impact of wildfires while recognising that responsible use of fire is a valuable tool for our rural communities.

Northern Rural Fire Authority

The Northern Rural Fire Authority is responsible for the administration and management of all fires in the rural sector within the Far North District boundary.

Our purpose is to stop unintended wildfires from starting and where they do extinguish them safely, efficiently and with minimal loss.

Our vision is that Northland rarely has wildfires.

To achieve this, we will actively educate Northlanders on the use of fire as a land management tool and work closely with the rural community to encourage a greater understanding of fire and the dangers associated with it. We encourage the safe use of fire, but also actively seek restitution from those who use fire in a reckless manner.

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