Having a Fire

Cooking Fires

If you are having a Cooking Fire, Hangi / Umu, Wood / Gas Barbeque, you may not require a permit.

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Open and Restricted Fire Seasons

If you are having a Cooking Fire, Hangi / Umu, Wood / Gas Barbeque in all areas except public land you do not need a permit,
if the zone you are in is open or restricted fire season.

The following conditions must be met:

  • The size of the fire is less than 2 metres in diameter and 1 metre high
  • The fire is at least 5 metres clear of any combustible materials including buildings
  • There is at least one functioning garden hose available to control any breakout
  • 2 people are in attendance at all times
  • All fires are extinguished before being left unattended and a check is made 30 minutes later to ensure it has not reignited
  • No fire will be lit within 50 metres of any scrub, forest, or reserve.
  • The wind strength is below 15 km/hr
  • No rubbish is to be burnt in a cooking fire
  • You must have permission from the landowner to light the fire


Fire permits are now granted and renewed under the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017, and the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fire Permits) Regulations 2017. The regulations require the following information to be provided when applying for a permit:

  • The applicant’s name (the permit holder)
  • The applicant’s phone number or email address
  • The location of the proposed fire.

To assess your application we will require further relevant information about the application. Providing some of this information as part of your online application will help our assessment and enable us to make decision as quickly as possible. If you do not wish to provide this additional information online please contact 094010723 to initiate your permit application.

Your Details

Fire Details

Not sure which region you are?

It is important to ensure you are equipped with the correct information and fire permit for your zone. Read on for a detailed description of our zoning.
If you are still unclear on which zone you belong to, or for more information please contact us.

Far North Zone 1

The southern boundary of Zone 1 is defined by the northern side of State Highway 10 from Taipa to Awanui.  The western side of State Highway 1 between
Awanui and Kaitaia, and the Northern and or western side of Kaitaia – Awaroa Road and the northern side of Uwhiroa Stream and the Herekino Harbour.

 Far North Zone 2

The northern boundary of  Zone 2 is defined by the southern side of State Highway 10 from Taipa to Awanui, the eastern side of State Highway 1 between Awanui and Kaitaia, and the southern and eastern side of Kaitaia-Awaroa Road to its intersection with Rangikohu Rd, and the southern shore of the Herekino Harbour.

The Southern boundary is defined as the boundary  between Far North District Council, Whangarei and Kaipara District Councils. If your Rates Demand is from the Far North District Council then you are in zone 2.

Please allow up to five days for your permit to be processed.

Attach any supporting documents (eg photo of site):

Please note you are able to upload multiple files, but no one file should exceed 5mb.
Acceptable file formats include JPG, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF.

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