Having a Fire

  • Recreation

    Many of us enjoy recreation in New Zealand’s forest and rural areas – from camping and tramping to four wheel driving. Our activities can increase the risk of fire in a rural area. Find out about your responsibilities for preventing fire.

  • Home and garden

    It’s not the magazine – but it is about improving your home and garden to protect it from loss or damage from fire. Assess your home – inside and out – from the plants in the garden, your wood pile, and your smoke alarms.

  • Farms and rural business

    To protect your farm or rural business from the risk of fire, you can include fire safety as part of your business plan. Find out how to assess the risk of fire to your business and prioritise what you can do to make improvements.

  • Urban-rural interface

    The urban–rural interface is the point where urban areas meet rural areas like forest, scrub or farmland. Managing the risk of fires at these interfaces is a community responsibility. Here are some ways you can help.

  • Small forest management

    Protecting your exotic or indigenous forest from the risk of fire is important so you realise the full value of your trees or the site. Learn about how you can prevent and deal with fires for small forests.

  • Your Fire Zone

    It is important to ensure you are equipped with the correct information and fire permit for your zone. Read on for a detailed description of our zoning. If you are still unclear on which zone you belong to, or for more information please contact us.

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